An expert team of communicators

We have a knowledgeable team of recruiters whose passion is to improve lives by helping employees find their dream jobs and businesses find the skilled personnel they need to grow.

Meet The


Petruta has a profound understanding of human metrics. Her intuition and advice positively impact the lives of people around her.

Her mission is to help candidates find their career path and succeed in setting and achieving their professional objectives.


Delia’s analytical approach to employee performance succeeds to help companies in their journey to define and onboard the ideal candidates.

She supports small to medium companies to recruit, train and retain ideal candidates. Delia believes that ideal candidates are the company’s most valuable assets

The Mission

Our mission is to enable organisations and candidates to start and maintain long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect. Understanding human relations and meaningful communication help us create an impact in recruiting and placing ideal candidates.

Our Efforts 

Treating every client and candidate as a priority, our team diligently decrypts our clients’ needs and conducts in-depth candidate assessments to find the perfect fit. In addition, we pride ourselves to be one of the few recruitment agencies that also offer services outside of regular business hours, so we’re always on-hand whenever you need us most.

Our Results

By matching the right candidate to the right job and assisting companies in finding the best available candidates, we succeed in improving and changing lives while supporting business growth. Moreover, our efforts are visible in the development of the people we help.